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Photo Shoot with her Uncle

Post #1

I had always been keen on photography since I was a teenager, and as I grew up, it seemed the obvious choice of a career to follow. It was not easy to begin with, as I was so young (18), so I was forced to do all the little jobs I could to raise the capital to buy more, and better, equipment. I began by taking shots at birthday parties, baby shots for people in my area, as well as occasional wedding photos for friends that could not afford to hire a "proper" photographer. It was very hard going, and as I was new, I could not charge a lot for my service, but it did slowly begin to pay off.

By the time I was 25 years old I was getting a regular supply of sessions and the money was improving. Now I was able to buy more expensive cameras as well as my own developing equipment. It was around this time that I had met my girlfriend and began taking some erotic shots of her, as well as ones of the two of us for our own enjoyment. But, these pics were never included in my portfolios; they were my private collection. I did however get a few requests to do shoots for some older women who wanted me to make them look more beautiful, so that they could surprise their husbands or boyfriends. This is where my story began.

My girlfriend, Rachael, had helped me to select a number of exotic costumes, as well as silk and satin bedcovers, along with large tropical pictures to use in my shoots. The idea was to make these women look like they were living out their wildest dreams, and whatever they wanted, we would try and oblige with the settings they wished for. It surprised me at first when a few asked me to take semi-naked and then naked shots, but the biggest shock was when a woman said she wanted to look like a porno star. I was dubious at first, but with some encouraging from Rachael, we went out and bought a full range of erotic gear from vibrators to whips and chains.

Once word started to spread around that I was doing glamour pics, I began to get more and more requests, and soon I had no time for anything but these types of sessions. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed looking at all the different women in all states of undress, but my problem was that many were so seductive in their poses, it was hard for me to concentrate on taking good quality pics. Many a time I would have to call a woman and ask her to come and sit for me again, as the pics were not of a good quality. Rachael began to tease me about doing it on purpose, so that I could see these women undress more. Of course it was not true, but it did make me realise that I did enjoy seeing some of them again.

Not often, but maybe every three months or so, I would get a request to do shoots of couples, but not just ordinary pics of them holding hands, or even just naked poses for that matter, some would ask me to take pics of them while they had sex in front of me. Now this was a very hard thing to do (and in more ways than one), as whenever I went in to take close ups, as requested, I would become very aroused and not be able to keep my mind on the settings etc. There were many a time when either the guy or the woman would look around and see my raging hard on poking up in my pants. Some would even joke and say that I should take a break and join them, but I was trying to keep a professional manner, so refused politely. But it certainly would have been nice with some of them.

One day I received a call from a young, nervous sounding woman, asking me for prices and wanting to know if I did "erotic" shoots. Well of course I did, so I told her not to be afraid to ask, as whatever happened I would never judge her, or would I ever reveal the details of what went on during her shoot. As well as that, I informed her I insisted on giving all the prints and negatives to her, so that she can feel safe, knowing I am not spreading them around on the net or to friends. She told me that she wanted to do a fantasy shoot as a surprise for her boyfriend, and that his fantasy was to see her in a bi setting. Untill now I had only taken pics of singles or M/F couples, but I told her as long as she did not mind, then I would be happy to oblige her wishes. We set the date and time and she said she would see me when her and her girlfriend arrived.

The day soon approached, but when she arrived, she was alone. Not only was she alone, but also I straightaway realised that she was my niece (Adrienne). She was my (much) older brothers daughter, and I had not seen her for 8 years, when she was about 10, as they had moved to Canada. I did not even know that she had returned to Australia to attend Uni, and it seemed that she did not kartal escort bayan know that I was to be the photographer either. It was very embarrassing for both of us. We decided to sit and talk for a time, as I knew that she would not want to go through with this now, and my brother would not be happy at me taking these type of pictures of his little girl. I even told her if she still wanted the pics done, I could give her the number of a few other people who were doing similar work.

After talking for awhile, she told me that her friend had "chickened out" when the time came round because her boyfriend was her friends brother, but she still came and said that she would just get me to take pics of her. Then she surprised me by saying that she still wanted me to do her pics, as she knew and trusted me, and would feel more comfortable and safe with me as the photographer. As Rachael was almost always with me when I did these shots, she said that as long as she did not mind, she would be happy to help out. Untill now I had never even asked Rachael if she had ever done any thing like this. Adrienne was very happy and told us that she just wanted to have shots of her undressing another girl, as well as "posing" so it looked like they were enjoying each other and having sexual pleasures. Rachael was cool with this and agreed.

They both went to the costume room and selected what they were to wear and then returned. The first roll was mainly pics of them together, holding hands etc., but the last few on that roll were of Adrienne bringing her lips up to where they were almost touching Rachael's lips. They certainly looked hot like that. The next roll they began to caress each other more, and then slowly their clothing was removed by each other, until they were down to their bra and knickers. My cock began to spring to life when I saw that the girls were both wearing "half-cup" bras and G-Strings. I could not believe that my little niece had grown up, or that I would be getting an erection at the sight of her body.

For the third roll Adrienne moved Rachael over to the bed and laid her down. At first they just held each other and pretended to be touching each other through the clothes still remaining, but soon Rachael's bra was unfastened and it was removed. Next to go was her G-String, and then Adrienne began to move closer and started to gently run her tongue over each of Rachael's nipples. Now this was getting too real for me, and my cock was straining even harder to free itself. After doing this for a few minutes, Adrienne sat back and took her bra off, then provocatively began to lower her G-String as well; all the time telling me to take good close ups of her. She needn't have worried; I was one step ahead of her already. I could already feel myself getting ready to cum in my pants, so I suggested we take a break, then I quickly went and made a coffee, trying to free myself of this sudden urge.

When I came back I saw that the girls had not taken a break, but were still lying side by side and rubbing each other's bodies. I quickly re-loaded the camera and began once more to take shots of them. I suddenly realised that Adrienne had originally stated that she just wanted "posed" pics, but here she was, actually licking and kissing my girlfriends tits, and even kissed her closed lips a few times as well. I was going to ask her about this, but decided to just "go with the flow" as I was certainly enjoying what I was seeing unfold in front of me. Slowly, Adrienne's hand made small circles over Rachael's body, first around her tits, then her navel and finally rested on her neatly trimmed pubic hair. I was expecting Rachael to baulk at this and put a stop to things, but to my surprise she did not protest, in fact she opened her mouth and I saw her tongue enter into Adrienne's waiting lips.

After taking the rest of the pics on this roll, I fumbled quickly to reload as well as set up two more cameras at other angles. One being a digital camera with a timer; the other a video camera. I had decided that I would not let this escapade go unfilmed for later viewing pleasures before I gave her the prints. I set the other camera to take a fresh pic every minute and I tried to take other pics between that minute so as to have many good shots to work with. Soon the action had begun to increase, and now Adrienne had positioned herself so Rachael had a tit to her mouth. She did not hesitate, and she was sucking from one to the other in no time. After a few moments of this Adrienne again moved, but this time she turned around and positioned herself so her pussy was yakacık escort close to Rachael's mouth, and she lent forward and began to run her tongue over Rachael's pussy.

I had never thought, or expected, that Rachael would have bi tendencies, but I was certainly glad that she did, for soon I decided that I would ask Adrienne to wait in the other room so I could fuck Rachael. As I was nearing that moment, Adrienne lifted her head and looked across at me and asked if I was getting good shots, and did I enjoy the show. Before I could open my mouth to answer, she laughed and said she could see I was enjoying it, as she noticed the wet spot in the front of my pants and could see my cock trying to force its way out. I went red very quickly and tried to reposition myself so she could not see me, but she just told me not to worry, and if I wanted to fuck Rachael while she was there, it did not worry her. But how could I do this with her watching.

Rachael stopped her licking for a moment and said she needed me quick, and to just set the timers and come over and help her out. By now it was too late for my brain to think seriously, so I did as told and quickly dropped my pants and joined them. Adrienne moved so that she was on her back, and in front of Rachael, and she had her legs raised so Rachael could continue to lick her pussy. I moved behind Rachael and positioned myself so as to enter her slippery pussy from behind. As my cock began to enter her from behind, I felt Rachael shudder, and next thing I felt her warm juices erupt, she had cum as soon as I entered, and this had never happened before. It did not take long before I felt myself getting ready as well, and as I began to pump faster into her wet hole, Adrienne told me to pull out of Rachael, as she wanted to see me cum. Damn, my niece was certainly a "dirty" little girl, not like the sweet little thing I remembered.

I removed my cock and quickly moved around to where Rachael's face was buried between Adrienne's legs, and began my final assault on my pulsing cock. Bang! 1, 2, 3 hard spurts shot out. The first was so strong, instead of going down to meet the waiting pussy and face, it went right across the face of my niece. The second hit her tits and the third found its target. A few more squirts hit before it receded to a slow leak. The realization of what I had just done struck home. I had just fucked my girlfriend while my niece had watched, and I had cum across her face and tits, as well as seeing her get eaten by another woman. I was about to retreat, to get cleaned up, and to get my thoughts together, when Adrienne reached out and took a hold of my half stiff cock. I was dumbfounded and could not move for a moment. Just as I got my senses back and was about to move, she pulled it closer and put her lips around my cock, and began to suck the last of my juice.

The brain in my cock once again took control, and soon as a flash, it was erect again. She continued to suck my cock, as well as rub my balls, and then she asked Rachael if it was OK by her if she could fuck me. I was stunned, I knew Rachael would not go this far; it was one thing to fuck in front of my niece, but she would never allow me to fuck her as well. I was wrong, not only did she give her a nod and a wink, she said as long as I fucked her more, she was more than happy. With that, Adrienne pushed me backwards and mounted me in quick time, before telling Rachel to bring her cunt up so she could give her some more of her tongue.

Again, it did not take me long before I felt my cock stiffen, my balls began to tighten, and I knew I would soon be cumming once more. As the moment arrived I told her, and I tried to pull out, but she forced herself down harder on my cock and refused to let me go. Soon I was filling my nieces tight cunt with my hot and sticky cum. Just as I finished cumming I looked across at Rachael and saw her eyes flicker, she let out a loud moan, and next I saw her juices running out onto Adrienne's face and tongue. We all collapsed and dozed for a short time.

When I came too I saw that the girls were once again in a 69 position and going to town on each other. My mind told me that what I had done was wrong, but my cock would hear nothing of it, it was already standing again and wanting to get more pussy. I entered Rachael from behind, but as soon as Adrienne realised, she stopped licking and told me to stop; she had a different idea. The two girls then got on hands and knees, side by side, and she then said she wanted me to fuck them both, but first I was to reload the cameras as she wanted hürriyet mahallesi escort to see how she looked later on.

Soon as the films were loaded and a new memory stick was in the digital, the timers set, I returned. First my cock was pushing into Rachael, but after pumping for only a minute, Adrienne said I should change holes every minute, and continue like this until I was ready to cum. I kept changing holes for the next 15 or so minutes until I felt that all to familiar surge in my balls. I was about to dump my load into Adrienne for the second time, but she said she wanted me to cum over their faces. I quickly removed my cock and went around to the front of them, where one grabbed my raging cock and pulled, while the other sucked on the head. As soon as I said I was cumming, they both stopped and aimed my cock between their faces, and then Adrienne began to deep throat Rachael. As soon as I saw this I began to pull my cock faster and faster, before unloading my cum across their faces.

We all lay there for about 30 minutes, before getting up and having a shower together. As 1 of my cameras was a digital, I downloaded the pics to my computer and we all sat and looked at them, trying to decide which were the best ones. I told Adrienne I would have the others developed by the next day, and if she wanted to come back then, she could decide which ones she liked the best.

When she returned the next day, she selected the ones she wanted, and then told me to keep all the ones that I was in, as she could not risk her boyfriend seeing them. I asked her about the video camera stuff, and she said that I should keep that also, as long as she could come around sometimes and watch it with us, as well as have us both share her body even more. I was amazed, my niece was such a little nymph, and only 18 years old. This had started out as something clean and business like, but had soon turned into an orgy. I asked Rachael what she thought I should do, and she just smiled and said that she was more than happy to have my niece join us many more times, whenever she wished.

Adrienne had the photos of her and Rachael, and a week later when she came to watch the video, she said that her boyfriend had gone "ape" over the shots. It turned out that he was a very conservative guy and did not approve. He had his fantasies, but did not want them acted out. They had argued for the whole week before he decided to kick her out. She had nowhere to stay now, and asked if she could move in with us until she found a place of her own. Before I had a chance to ask Rachael what she thought, Rachael threw her arms around Adrienne and kissed her, before pulling back and telling her she could stay as long as she liked, as long as she got to have sex with her many times.

As Adrienne had hoped for this, she then said she had her things outside the door, and had already rung her father (my brother) and told him she would be staying with us now. My brother had seemed delighted to know that his daughter was safe and well, staying with her uncle, and this he thought would mean that she was well looked after and safe. He was right, Rachael and I looked after her very well, almost every night we looked after my little niece and kept her safe from the "deviants" of this world. Yes, we kept her to ourselves and our sex lives grew more and more all the time.

A few months later my brother returned to Australia to live and came to visit his daughter, as he wanted to give me money for all my troubles. I told him it was the least I could do, for after all, she was family, and she was a bundle of pleasure to have around. I guess that he saw the devilish look in my eyes when I said this, for he no longer hid his feelings, instead he just blurted out that he suspected that I was fucking his daughter. My jaw dropped, and I was trying to get my feet ready to run, when he let out a laugh and said I should not worry. He said that he had been waiting foir her to turn 18 so he could try and persuade her to have sex with him as well. That was why he had come back now.

My brother had shocked me with his confession. I asked him how he could let me fuck his daughter, how could he fuck even think of fucking his own daughter. He said he never would have done this, but since she had taken the initiative and started to fuck me, then why shouldn't he get in on the fun as well. As well as letting me continue to fuck his daughter, he also asked if he could join in with the three of us sometimes, as he said as soon as he saw Rachael, he knew he wanted to fuck her as well. He was more than happy for her to stay here and live with us. He had recently remarried, and his new wife knew nothing of his sexcapades with his daughter, and he wished it to stay that way. To him it was the best of everything, his daughter was safe, and he could fuck her anytime, as well as fuck my girlfriend.
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